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Every website we build is based on mobile responsive website design!

What is mobile responsive website design? It is the ability for the website to identify which device is being used to view your site and to instantly re-format itself to display your content in a form most appropriate for the desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone devices and screen sizes automatically.

In today’s mobile world the majority of visitors to your website will be on a tablet or smartphone with less than 45% of users now actually visiting on a laptop or desktop computer.

If your website is not fully mobile responsive, visitors will be in for a frustrating experience and will quickly lose interest in viewing your website and the message you wish to deliver to existing and new customers.

Web design

We design and build fully mobile responsive, HTML5, Schema.org compatible websites at affordable rates from a 5-page website on up to super high performance multi page custom designs! WordPress website design at it’s very best!

Best Prices – Unbeatable prices with solid performance!

Best Designs – Outstanding mobile responsive beautiful and affordable website designs!

E-commerce stores

We will design and build a complete e-store into your existing WordPress website design with full cart capabilities and hook it up to your PayPal account to accept all payments from PayPal members as well as non PayPal members using credit card or e-transfer payment.

E-Commerce Stores – E-Stores that can really sell your service or product!

Amazing Add-ons – Design options that will help your website strand out.

Why Do We Use WordPress?

For the same reason these companies do:

As WordPress continues to grow, increase market share and add features it has become the go to solution for not only small business but big business as well. Most of the Fortune 1000 corporations worldwide use WordPress to build or expand their websites.

The reason they and we have chosen WordPress for website design is that it is fast, SEO friendly, secure and the world’s easiest content management system for any business or individual to manage and update on a daily basis. WordPress is also very SEO friendly with Google!

By choosing a WordPress website you open yourself to a huge sub-industry of themes, plugins, consultants, services and designers that are all dedicated to making sure your website is world class for the smallest budget possible.

With a WordPress website you are not locked into one set of tools or one developer, the world is your oyster!

Many developers would prefer you have them build a custom html website for you, that way you are locked into their little ecosystem and you have to hire them to make any changes or upgrades, which can get very expensive very fast.

Maintenance Services Delivering Superior Quality at Value Pricing!

We build & design the best websites. No one knows how to better take care of your website than we do. You can engage us to provide maintenance services on an hourly or monthly basis.

Our services cover routine core WordPress, Theme, and Plugin update execution as well as content updates such as adding pages, text, images and also products if you have an online store. If you need more advanced custom plugin set up and customization we can handle all of that work as well including new payment gateways and shipping or booking modules etc.

We offer existing customers (meaning we have built your website) substantial discounts from our regular pricing. If you would like a low monthly set fee for maintenance of your website please contact us for a custom quote.

Our last WordPress work:

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